Inter caste Love Marriage Specialist

Love Problem after Marriage

Marriage is an essential part of everyone life. Marriage is a true bond between boy and girl relationship. Even though there is more love problem after marriage people cannot avoid easily these problems, First of all, the age gap is main obstacles in marriage life people are various love problem after marriage Many times both partners do fight with each other it is extremely bad.  During the age gap, husband and wife do not match proper understanding with each other. Secondly, if both partners belong to a different culture and different lifestyle. For instance, husband belongs to Punjab then his wife belongs to Chennai. During the marriage time, his wife faces too many difficulties to adapt the other culture. Thirdly, the majority of people do love marriage then after this marriage face too many obstacles than some marriage life leads to divorce. But divorce it is not a solution Furthermore, today generation do not want interface with parents after a marriage Moreover, love problem after marriage when one partner loses temper easily this marriage lead to ruin two life

After Marriage Love Relationship Problem

There are too many factors considered after marriage love relationship problem. Sometimes one partner does not stay with another partner because of lack of interest with another partner. Moving further, one partner does earn money but another partner free in a whole day. Those things are considered husband-wife dispute problem Moreover, in case of after marriage love relationship problem when a two-person do marriage and take responsibilities each other. If husband does not take responsibility for proper ways then that thing ruin two lives in the society

Inter Caste Love Marriage

Inter caste love marriage is the type of love marriage when two people fall in love but these persons belong to different categories in the society that is called it is inter-caste love marriage. This type of marriage is different from another marriage. Inter caste love marriage is less costly and overcomes the effect of racism. Inter caste love marriage is not admitted that about family status and family background. In the society, people do not like this type of marriage and protest this type of marriage

Inter caste Love Marriage Specialist

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